Which Flood Map Do I Use?

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Maps, Maps, and more Maps!

Which map is my map?

Unfortunately, the answer is not so simple.

Here is how it works.  Your current flood insurance policy is based upon the 2009 Flood Insurance Rate Map (FIRM).  The 2009 FIRM is your official “Flood Map” .  When using these maps remember to copy the address you are searching.  You may have to install it a few times!

2009 FIRM

Step One: Enter the address and click search.


Step Two: Choose your map type. 


Step Three: Type the address again (the address will populate and you confirm the correct address).


Step Four: Choose your “Basemap” and then click on “Imagery”.


You are now ready to view the official FIRM!

Disclaimer:  These maps are advance search tools and offer many different setting and options to choose from.  It is not possible to tell how your computer will view the FIRM. 

Next Map the ABFE

After Hurricane Sandy, the Borough of Monmouth Beach adopted the Advisory Base Flood Elevations (ABFE) as recommended by the FEMA.

The ABFE map remains the adopted map for any construction or regulated improvement in accordance with the Borough’s Flood Prevention Ordinance.  as defined in CHAPTER XXII FLOOD DAMAGE PREVENTION.

Between the two maps noted above whichever map is more restrictive shall be used in accordance with Flood Prevention Ordinance.

The same instructions apply to view the ABFE map as do the FIRM.


And the Last Map.

The Preliminary Flood Map.  

The Preliminary Flood Map is our FUTURE FIRM.   Once adopted by the Federal Government It will become the regulatory map superseding all prior maps.

Until such time, of the three maps listed here, anyone of the three could be the proper map to be used in accordance with Flood Prevention Ordinance if that map is  MORE RESTRICTIVE than the other two maps!

Otherwise, in the Borough of Monmouth Beach, the ABFE Map is used by Borough Officials to determine all matters as defined by the Borough’s Flood Prevention Ordinance. CHAPTER XXII FLOOD DAMAGE PREVENTION.

How to view Map Three:

The Preliminary Map is also known as What is My BFE you can find this map using any search engine such as Google or click here

This map has fewer step to follow.

Step one: Enter address


Step 2: Click on top of the intended address.  The locator will most likely be in the middle of the road and not on top of the intended structure. 


For more information on these maps in the Borough of Monmouth Beach contact Don Clare, Floodplain Administrator at dclare@monmouthbeach.org


Thank you,

Borough of Monmouth Beach