Monmouth Beach Property Owners,

Property owners of Minus Rated Structures are subject to increased flood insurance premiums.  These premiums will continue to increase until all non-compliant flood issues are mitigated.

Join us on October 1, 2016 between the hours of 9:30AM and 1:30PM the Borough of Monmouth Beach will be holding a workshop to educate owners of minus rated property’s on the “How To” become a Flood Compliant Property.  In many cases a simple alteration may bring thousands of dollars in savings to a property owners’ flood insurance premium.

What to expect at the workshop: 

  • Access to your property’s archived records such as flood elevation certifications, surveys, and permit history.
  • Access to experts in the insurance industry to calculate your insurance savings based upon mitigation.
  • Access to these experts to make the changes to become flood compliant.
    • Surveyor to obtain a new flood elevation certification.
    • HVAC & Electrical contractor to relocate AC condenser or Furnace.
    • Masonry contractor to install flood vents.
    • Inspectors to discuss permit related items.
  • Light refreshments will be served.


  • Borough Hall, 22 Beach Road, Monmouth Beach, NJ 07750


  • October 1st, 2016 -9:30AM to 1:30PM


  • The Borough of Monmouth Beach is aggressively working to reduce the community’s flood risk exposure.  In addition, the Borough is also working hard to enter the Community Rating System program (CRS).  The CRS program ensures the lowest flood insurance premiums to the entire community.

What you should bring if available.  All items can be emailed in advance of the workshop. 

  • A copy of a current or any flood elevation certificate for your property.
  • A copy of your flood insurance declaration page.
  • A survey of your property.
  • Pictures of the four sides of your property.

For More Info: 

  • Updates will be posted on the Borough of Monmouth Beach Website
  • Contact the Monmouth Beach Floodplain Administrator, Don Clare by email
  • Visit the borough offices located at 22 Beach Road, Monmouth Beach, NJ  07750.

Who should attend? 

  • Anyone in the Borough of Monmouth Beach that has a property located in a Special Flood Hazard Area (SFHA).

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Contact Don Clare

Thank you,

Don Clare, CFM

Floodplain Administrator

Borough of Monmouth Beach